Menu Fail

I LOVE mistakes on menus. They make my day. But I don't see nearly enough. So please send me your menu fail examples, from home or abroad, either just written down or take a furtive snap and I'll list them here. My email is esther dot walker at gmail dot com.

Confidence-inspiring. Thanks to Jason White

Hmmm... 28c anyone? Thanks to Andrea Bishop

A full mouse...? Thanks to Dominique Aylett

Just weird. Thanks to Hollie Slade

Interesting interpretation of a Veggie Burger. Thanks to James Hampson

I'll have the greedy salad please. Cheers. Thanks to Rob Pratt

"Presumably they mean crab..." - spotted in Pondicherry in India, with thanks to Megan Russell

This below from Sarah Douglas, spotted in a Chalk Farm pub

This below from a "uber-Euro member's club where they ought to know better" - sent by the delicious Sarah Reynolds. 

"Foie grass"? "Tarter"? Total menu fail by the Wallace Collection - sent by Eimear Hurley

 This one REALLY made me laugh - from a restaurant in Sumatra, sent by Kate Ross.

'Dear medallions with flambéed in Armagnac. Served with barley, dill and roasted beetroot' on a menu at Gessler at Daquise - sent by Monika Chodakowska

There's a lot to pick holes in with "Goats Cheese Fat Bread"; be it the lack of apostrophe or the overly blunt marketing: This is Goats Cheese Bread and it's going to make you Fat - sent by Louise Woods

"muscles in white whine and garlic" - @thegrownup

Duck "ass l'orange". I think the picture speaks for itself. It made me giggle when I saw it on a menu in Madrid. - Courtney Cooke

i am sending you via email a photo of a menu from a restaurant in Zurich - the dish was "Soft Shell Crab" but they replaced the final "B" with a "P". I didnt try it - Christy

I've got a cracking photo of a big sign reading "WAFLLES" in GIANT writing, although this was in Greece so more charming in a "Engrish" kind of way – Leila

I always thought "pumkin" was cute on menus. – Anon

Vat's Wine Bar on Lamb's Conduit Street used to serve something (fish?) with "a wig of leaks" – Tessa

I saw a menu in Spain for grilled squik and then sworkfish - maybe it was just that the 'd' button was missing on their computer! – Eliza

My favourite menu fail is one my Dad spotted (can't remember where, sorry, but I think it was in the UK): Grilled Steam (I believe they meant steak......) – Anne-Marie

The one that sticks out in my memory was a little place in Cornwall where the chalk board outside a cafe said beef buggers. I laughed, but didn't have the heart to tell them. – Samantha

I was almost tempted to order the Vanilla Pancetta on a pudding list on Scilly (I'm too scared to write dessert list now in case I spell it incorrectly). I think they meant pannacotta. – Issy

I ate at a restaurant in Milan this April whose English menu included a dish called "Find the Grid" and several salads containing "Insidious Web". The latter turned out to be octopus. – Andy Brice

I remember a menu in Spain that boasted a dish of 'you inhabit baby with pretty'. NO IDEA what it was, far too scared to order it. – The Shed