Thursday, 4 June 2015

Esther's chia seed pudding

I'm very late to chia seeds, like I'm late to everything, except when I have to be somewhere, in which case I am always punctual.

Mostly I'm late to chia seeds because I dislike food fads - I don't like feeling like I'm a sucker for some stupid trend, (she says rummaging through her cross-body bag and kicking off her espadrilles).

But I came across a recipe the other day for a chia seed "pudding", which is actually something you eat at breakfast time. It involved almond milk and a blackberry coulis and was perfectly disgusting. But the texture of the chia seeds, soaked overnight in the almond milk, was interesting.

I thought... there must be something in this. And while I dislike very much stupid health fads and detoxes and exclusion diets, there does seem to be enough good things about chia seeds - (mostly, from my point of view that they are full of protein and quite filling) - for it to be worth having them in your diet once in a while.

So after a couple of false-starts, I came up with an overnight chia seed breakfast-pudding recipe which is good and has a lot in common with the bircher muesli or overnight oats recipe.

Anyway it goes like this:

Esther's Chia seed pudding

Some greek or runny plain yoghurt
1 tbs chia seeds
1 tbs honey
a small amount of cut fruit - apples, peach, grapes, whatever you've got knocking about
2 drops essence of coconut if you've got it, if not don't bother (and actually it can make your chia seed pudding taste a lot like suncream if you're in the wrong frame of mind).

1 Fill a glass tumbler 3/4 of the way up with yoghurt, add the chia seeds and stir.

2 Top with the cut fruit and the honey. Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge overnight.

Eat the next morning, feeling very smug. DO NOT THINK ABOUT FROGSPAWN.


  1. Every time I get a notification that you have a new post, I panic that it's going to be you saying it's your last one...

  2. Coconut yoghurt is good for this- but cheaper to fly to St Lucia and buy one in the beach than fork out for Coyo...

  3. I feel the same as the first commenter, so happy to see a post from you, but scared it is a goodbye post. I love your posts, you are just the coolest. I came here for the food, but love the fashion posts too. They are so helpful, especially as I find it hard to keep up now that I am in my 40s. So hoping you will stay! You have a fan in Kansas! Love the frog spawn bit 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I bought a certain health food cookbook for my daughter, full of chia seed recipes. I was revolted when I found out the author is not an anonymous blogger but part of an enormously privileged family. What a shame. You have, perhaps, made the bag of chia seeds in our cupboard more palatable.

    1. to have a go at ella woodward because her parents are rich is nothing new... but to be actually REVOLTED by it? that's very weird. you might want to talk to someone about your disproportionate class prejudices. at least she's got a job, she's not just dossing about in ibiza. and she writes about vegan food! for fuck's sake! are you going to have a go at stella mccartney next? not everyone can be jack monroe