Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lemon Posset

There is nothing more boring than a blog post that starts "Sorry you haven't heard from me for a while, it's all just been so busy...."

It's as boring as settling down to read someone's diary and the entries go:

"2nd Feb...
... Dear Diary, gosh it's been so long since my last entry!...."

"5th July...
... Dear Diary, gosh it's been so long  since my last entry!....."

So I won't start this blog post like that. And anyway, I'm not sorry. It's a miracle I update Recipe Rifle at all, what with my chronic heartburn and never making a penny out of it and being totally and utterly fed up with both cooking and writing.

If you are looking for some sort of explanation then it's because at first I couldn't think of anything to say. All I could think was how annoying Kitty was being, but that was what the last post was about. And then whenever I was about to sit down and do something, awful things would happen. Like Kitty got really ill. And I mean REALLY ill this time, a temperature of 104 and terrible eczema all over her and I had to see about a million different doctors and urgh, I feel quite ill myself thinking about it. AND my husband was away in America and the whole thing was so stressful I was sent running into the arms of a strip of Valium I nicked off my Dad. It was really Seventies.

And then we went on holiday for a bit, which was lovely but I wasn't going to blog from THERE. And now my husband's in trouble again for saying something or other on Twitter, which I won't go into because it's too dementing.

Anyway I am as I write this waiting for him to finish off some work before we go out for a Chinese to drown our sorrows in spring rolls and neon orange sauce, and I'm pacing about and worrying about him and feeling sad that it's all gone bonkers (again) and vaguely wondering if he can ever be persuaded not to say just exactly precisely whatever's in his brain .... and I realised with shock that Recipe Rifle is now an entire month out of date and as it so happens I've got something to say about lemon posset.

I don't like lemon puddings - at all. I've said it before. The acid of the lemon combined with the sweetness and sugariness of other ingredients reminds me powerfully of vomit. But there's something different about lemon posset, maybe it's the really serious creaminess of the thing.

We had this at my sister's house in Oxford over the weekend, made by a terrific fellow called Rory Dorman. Ah yes, the weekend, back when life was still nice and Twitter hadn't fallen on our heads. It seems a golden time, the one sunny day we've had for ages. Maybe the memory of it and the deliciousness of the posset will change my mind about lemon puddings for ever. But I suspect not.

Lemon Posset by Rory Dorman
For about 6 or 8

500ml double cream
lemon and zest of 2 lemons
100g sugar

1 Bubble the cream in a pan gently for 3 minutes

2 Add the sugar and your lemony stuff and whisk

3 Pour into ramekins or glasses and chill for 3 hours

We had ours with raspberry coulis and little posh french biscuits and it was delicious.


  1. I remember having lemon posset at St John Bread and Wine: delicious! I hope the sunny days return soon.

  2. A cracking post in what seems to be an absolute drag of a week for you.

    I love lemon posset, it's even fun to say.

  3. The name 'posset' makes me think of vomit but these really do look delicious and not at all vomity fayre. Ps - your last Lady blog was absolutely spot on. Without company, we're nothing. Like your playdough tactic. Hide loads of sweets round the house too.

  4. Great to see you back. Love the lemon, cream and sugar combo - yum. Yes, posseting is the name given to the milky regurgitation of babies after a feed. Remember walking around with a muslin square permanently slung over one shoulder. Sorry you are having such a bastard time at the moment. Cuddles for Kitty and gaffer tape for the old man. ;)

    Keep your chin up.

  5. If it's the Twitter thing I'm thinking of, she very much started it.

    If I sought someone out to insult them, I'd expect to be told to eff off...

    Hopefully it will blow over in no time. Twitter stuff usually does.

  6. Love lemon posset.

    Sorry you're having a crap time but at least Kitty's hopefully not still covered in eczema

  7. I'm glad you're back. I do like your combination of confusion and weary humour. Plus I do try your recipes because I have faith they will really work. But today (since you mentioned your husband) I found out who your husband is and - well I wonder if he has the table manners in real life that he has on the tv. I mean I sympathise as someone with relations who also.. Ok. You may now delete my comment. But do keep posting, I'm sure you cheer lots of people up.

  8. Hurrah you're back! I normally read these via email but thought I'd come over and leave a wee comment to say - THANK YOU! The Grandparental's have just swanned back from Sorrento and thought they were being so very generous in giving me a load of lemons "from Luigi's garden Sally so you know they're the very best." Having never been taken to Luigi's or even to Italy I have a)no clue if they are the "very best" or not and b) no idea what to do with the buggers except slice them and make vast quantities of G&T (preferred option). It might help Kitty's skin if you tie a big handful of oats in a cheesecloth and hang over the taps, hanging in the water flow, in a warm bath for Kitty - it helps soothe my son's skin when his eczema flares up.

  9. I find lemons in any way (other than perhaps floating in an alcoholic aperitif) horrendous, but the nice colour of the posset in your picture does entice me.

    On childhood eczema - it is a horror of a thing to have, and I don't think the fact I grew out of it at 13 really helps when you are staring down 12 years of the stuff, but it should hopefully ease as Kitty gets older.

    And lastly, I commented on one of Giles' articles via twitter (the letter he wrote to Kitty in MC) and (yes I was praising it) got a lovely response, so some people just need to get a grip. Throw petrol on a fire, you will get incinerated.

    Love your words, they always cheer me up =)

  10. Enjoy your blog. Was worried. Perhaps will try lemon posset.

  11. I've been checking everyday for your updates (bored at work.com) Esther - honestly your honesty is so refreshing. I read lots of food blogs but I like yours the best - if you are having a shitty time you say so - not all fake sunshine & smiles.
    Twitter will blow over and random life will return again - you never know summer might turn up too!!

  12. Actually his reply(ies)to her condescending comment(s)amused me greatly...Can't take it? Then don't @-mention someone. Vacuous female, after a bit of publicity. Poor Kitty, hope she's better-ish. Made your posset and love it. Chin up.

  13. I'd take a life of ups and downs with an interesting opinionated man over a humdrum existence with one who never upset anyone ANY DAY. Please keep writing. Even when you're down you cheer me up.

  14. Please keep blogging - I am pregnant now and I need you! All the other blogs written by mums are so perky and their little hipster children are never ill.

    Oh heavens, Twitter! I just unfollowed him (will just watch his telly programmes), because the poor fella is always being needled/surrounded by drama. Are you allowed to do that? Probably not :)

  15. I made this on Saturday - was utterly lush and took about 3 seconds to make xx

  16. Ah.....Lemon Posset, one of my favourites, that and Syllabub. A decadent and divine recipe and I may just whip one up this week, thanks for the idea! Karen

  17. I was really mean to Giles on twitter ages ago and he didn't respond!... Gutted! Sorry to hear you and the little one have been feeling blue. Lovely to have your mad ravings back with us again though xx

  18. I have very recently come back to lemon puddings. Used to loathe them & I blame lemon meringue pie which will always be vile.And when Tarte au citron used to be really trendy in the 90s I became a lemon pud hater.
    Now, I will eat it again along with my other dislikes such as rhubarb and marzipan.
    Pleased to see you back :))

  19. Made this and it was very easy and very nice :-)