Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Spring green noodles

This is a really marvellous thing to do if you feel like you ought to be eating leafy greens, but you'd rather have a plate of pasta instead. Particularly relevant to me because my diet is so awful at the moment. What I ate today:

- half a bagel with jam
- chocolate croissant
- 1/4 of a large pork pie
- I am about to eat some chocolate cake

Anyway, we had this the other night with baked gurnard (don't ask) and it was absolutely terrific and made me feel better about the straight white carbs and e-numbers of the day.

Spring green noodles
for 2

2 nests medium egg noodles (I like Blue Dragon but any old thing will do)
about 4 shakes of light soy sauce
3 splats of oyster sauce
two big handfuls of spring greens

1 Boil and drain the noodles. Drizzle over a bit of olive oil to stop them sticking

2 Roughly cop or scissor your spring greens. And I mean roughly - they will wilt down a lot on cooking

3 Cook down your spring greens in a frying pan with a sprinkling of water and some veg oil. When they look quite collapsed toss in the noodles, soy and oyster sauce. If you wanted to add anything else like chilli or spring onion, I'm sure that would be delicious.


  1. Sounds good to me, Purple Sprouting Broccoli would also be very good here.

  2. This is karma as I woke up this morning feeling like cack because (and I don't want this to turn into a competitive shit diet contest) I ate yesterday: 2 white muffins with jam, a QuarterPounder with Cheese, a bowl of white rice drowning in soy sauce and about 50 jellybeans. I was craving green stuff and - yippee - here it is! Thank you Esther x

  3. Good, but where is the protein? Suggest adding an egg or two and scrambling with greens. Or poach an egg separately and put on top.

  4. I think the gurnard was the protein, but we were requested not to ask...

  5. This sounds so good, would be prefect to add some much needed greens into my diet. @Rachel I love the egg idea.