Monday, 24 January 2011


Ack! There are suddenly loads of you who've been directed here by my husband, Giles. I wish he'd warn me when he's about to do that on Twitter because otherwise I'm all unprepared for new visitors and am still in my dressing gown with a face mask on as you ring at the doorbell going "I was told there was a great food blog here...?"

And I go "Oh yes... yes... hang on a sec, let me just... put my face on..."

Anyway, welcome. It's not that great a food blog, really, it's just that it means Giles gets cooked for at home, which as you can imagine, is a status quo that's in his best interests to maintain.


  1. I was directed here ages ago by one of Giles tweets. I've long been a fan of his columns & reviews & tv programmes.
    Please don't go & put a face on or I'll feel like I should too.
    And please be as proud of yourself as Giles obviously is. It's a brilliant blog. It gets my day off to a smiley start!!

  2. I also got directed here from one of Giles' tweets. I'm surprised when you say he needs feeding as I'd thought he'd had enough between the restaurants he 'reviews' and stuffing his face on TV with Sue Perkins.

  3. I'm also a blow-in from Giles' twitter account, and am a big fan of him (and Sue, of course!). I was pleased to see that you've got an awesome sense of humour, so I'm sticking around!

    And rock that face mask!