Thursday, 19 August 2010


There are all kinds of things that people forget to tell you about being pregnant. None of them, I hasten to add, are especially bad (probably why they - whoever 'they' are - forget to tell you), they are just odd.

For example, even when the morning sickness fades away into a bad memory, like the longest and baddest hangover you ever had, the race is still on in the morning to eat something - and fast, before you're, err, "overcome". I won't get any more specific because I don't want to put you off your 4pm Twix, which you are no doubt eating right now at your desk.

I don't mind waking up early. I quite like early mornings - the quiet, the sense of smugness, the excuse to have an afternoon nap, the excuse to GO BACK TO BED AT 8PM. But at first I couldn't quite believe that I was expected to get out of bed at 6.30am and go downstairs - trudge trudge trudge - to get myself some cereal, so instead I kept a banana by the bed and ate it as soon as my eyes pinged open and then went back to sleep. But that became gross. And I felt sorry for my husband, who would be caused to have bizarre dreams about being married to a bowl of fruit.

So now I just suck it up and slip out of bed and accept that from now on, for a few years, my day is going to start at about 6am.

Punishment museli alone, which I have written about before, is now out. I need to eat so, so much more in the morning than a bowl of dry flakes splashed with semi-skimmed that I've had to get serious and turn to yoghurt. In London I have three large dollops of whatever yoghurt I've snatched off the shelves at Waitrose, a sprinkling of punishment museli, chopped strawberries (which I keep in the fridge much to my husband's dismay and disgust) and a really generous squeeze of squeezy honey (for convenience. My husband doesn't like this either because the squeezy honey leaks all over the larder, so now I have to keep it on its own little plate. CHUH. Although I ought to point out here that he's been very understanding about other pregnancy stuff like me lying down for most of the day).

I eat it in this witching hour on the sofa, while watching episodes of Season 5 of the West Wing, before my husband gets up and goes to the shops for the papers and a pain au chocolat from the Delice de France stand. Nnnnnnnhhh.

Out in the real France, with two really fantastic greengrocers a few minutes' warm sunny walk away, I get more adventurous with my morning fruit salad and this one below was made from peaches, blueberries, raspberries, yoghurt, museli and squeezy honey. And melon, I think. The squeezy honey in France doesn't seem to leak like the ones in England. I'm on my second bottle.

This picture I just find really funny because it's all moody and thoughtful, but actually it's me eating yet another mini baby bel.


  1. do french people really eat mini babybel, or was it just the advert that made us believe that?

  2. Loved the shrouded in shadow portrait, and the emphatic CHUH which I practiced out loud a few times to make sure I got it right. I love your blog, you really make me laugh and in fact I think you've got funnier since you got pregnant (which is a GOOD thing). Sorry to keep commenting as 'anonymous' (my earlier comment with the jamon bellota) but I dont have a blog and have been lurking forever, only recently felt compelled to comment as I finally feel I've got something you can relate to!

  3. So how far gone are you?

  4. For breakfast I have a huge bowl of bitesize shredded wheat and top that with M and S fruit and nut muesli. The whole mixture is then lightly dowsed in skmmed milk and devoured with a mug of tea whilst listening to PM on Radio 4. So what does that say about me I wonder?

    By the way I made your coffee and walnut cake and it is absolutely mouth watering.

  5. My wife swore by breadsticks. Day and night. And also, curiously, the West Wing (I always wondered if her odd girl crush on CJ had analgesic qualities - don't suppose you're similarly partial?). Either way, I guess fruit salad is a lot healthier.

    Keep meaning to say how much I like the blog, by the way. And especially the one about journalism, which I only just noticed - couldn't agree more...

  6. Just read the blog, with my best friend by my side. We both laughed a the bit about, "being married to a bowl of fuirt - (oops, I mean...) fruit". I like honey, especially on cereal, and if it's drippy I don't mind.

  7. Oh, by the way... I spelt 'at' wrong in the last comment. Sorry about that, but I was laughing a lot yesterday, and it must of taken me over when I was typing it.

  8. can i suggest a nice breakfast that is yogurty? soak some oats & sultanas in milk or apple juice overnight. next morning, scoop them into a bowl, grate over an apple if you fancy, add a couple of dollops of yoghurt (i favour a greek one usually), some berries, some mixed seeds, flaked almonds and a generously long drip of honey. voila. it's called summer preg in our house. named by my almost four-year old daughter. you don't have to keep the name.