Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Those brownies in full

So Becky B finally coughed up her recipe for her wheat-free brownies. And I only had to let down her tyres three or four times and beam a couple of incriminating snapshots through her living room window from my portable slide projector.

These brownies really are absolutely amazing - much better than my easy brownies I posted a while ago. They hit you right between the eyes, half-cake, half-fudge... but not half-fat unfortunately. EIGHT eggs! You might want to call an ambulance before you tuck in.

Anyway here we go - this is just copied and pasted from Becky B's email, (you can tell because there's no swearing), so none of the mistakes are mine THANK GOD, for fucking once.

Wheat Free Chocolate Brownies (makes 16)

295g luxury belgian plain chocolate
200g ground almonds
200g unsalted butter (diced)
350g caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
8 large eggs
100g walnut pieces (optional)

1 Preheat oven to 180 C
2 Break choc into chunks into large heatproof bowl & add butter
3 Melt choc mixture over pan of water
4 Remove from heat and add sugar, almonds, walnuts & vanilla
5 Separate eggs & beat yolks before adding them to choc mixture
6 Beat egg whites until they form soft peaks
7 Gradually fold egg whites into choc mixture
8 Pour mixture into a lined 20cm x 30cm swiss roll tin (depth of 5cm)
9 Bake for about 1 hour on middle shelf until cake is reasonably firm, risen & cracked on top
10 Cool in tin
11 Turn out of tin, trim off all edges (as no-one likes them!) and cut into 16
Coming soon: the lemon cupcakes. I've turned off the water supply to her house and ordered 18 pizzas in her name from Dominos, so she should cave in any minute now.


  1. My brownie-making revelation was the discovery that if you put SALTED nuts in them (particularly salted macademias - weirdly good) instead of just normal nuts, the brownies are about a million times more delicious and REALLY CRIMINALLY moreish. I think maybe I read that in Joanna Weinberg's book.

  2. Having scoffed some delicious homemade swedish chocolate cake last month I think I will return the favour and attempt to make these for my girlfriend. Hopefully they will turn out as delicious as they look in the photo!

  3. Hi Esther,

    I started following a few weeks ago -- I've peeked a few times when Giles has tweeted links, but I can't recall what made me actually jump on board proper. I have zero interest in cooking apart from cakes and have no palate whatsoever. Maybe it's just the swearing that attracts me.

    I had a lovely brownie today at the sister uni of the uni that employs me, so I'm rather depressed now that our canteens have substandard brownies. However, your recipe ransom tactics have undepressed me and thank you for conveniently providing a wonderful and timely recipe. I'm so trying this on the weekend!

    PS. I have also bought some sushi rice and nori and plan to make sushi rolls this weekend too, seeing as Holland (where I currently live) charges through the roof for sushi (compared to my hometown of Melbourne). Any tips for how to get the buggery things to actually roll up and stay together and look professional?

  4. Hmmm, well I've never made sushi myself as in London it's almost impossible NOT to eat sushi. But having consulted a couple of websites and a few people, it seems that the top tips for getting your sushi to roll like a pro are: (and sorry if you're doing this already)

    1 You've got a sushi mat, right? (just checking)
    2 Wet the far edge of the seaweed paper with a bit of water, which will help it stick
    3 When you've rolled everything up, press and gently squeeze it all together along the length of the roll and the rice is more likely to stick together and keep its shape.

    I hope that helps... if anyone else has a top tip, leave it here.


  5. Thanks, Esther!

    I woke up early yesterday morning and by 8am had fresh brownies sitting on my kitchen table. They are still moist today -- I was too lazy to pack them away in case I felt like having a midnight snack Nigella-style (I didn't but). It's a very easy recipe and one I will definitely add to my recipe book. Dividing the recipe by four is enough to feed a single chocolate addict for a weekend.

    I also did a first run of sushi yesterday, which was way more successful than last time -- I think I had too much rice last time (this time not enough, which meant it was easier to fit everything into the roll and get it to stick). Thanks for the tips!


  6. Oooh these look so much more indulgent and naughty than the ones i've just made...i am going to have to try them now!


  7. We must have lemon cupcakes please! I know you are on the cusp of motherhood, but I can only think that is a perfect excuse to get the recipe off Becky B of brownie fame. (I will admit that this is only so I can make them and fuck them up) xx