Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A nice thing to do with rhubarb

So by now it's possible that you have a lump of Delia Smith's Quick Flaky Pastry in your fridge and you're, like: "I can't eat any more sausage rolls."

If that's the case, you might like to take advantage of there being rhubarb around at the moment and making one of these pastry rhubarb thingies.

It's as easy as it looks and it is nicked off Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers - in the episode where he wanders into his garden and yonks out of the ground a hundredweight of rhubarb, like that's how he goes shoppping for stuff.

Anyway. Roll out a square of pastry and cut the rhubarb into lengths. Arrange in a row along the pastry and cover generously with sugar.

You could also brush it with butter if you wanted. Put in the oven at about 200 for 25 minutes and serve with creme fraiche I suppose. I floured my baking sheet before baking the pastry because I am neurotic about things sticking to the bottom.

You can variagate this thing however you like: I think next time I might mush my rhubarb up a bit in a pan with some sugar and a splash of water, to make a rough compote, then spread that on the pastry and then bake it, just because rhubarb all in a row like this can be a bit stringy.

p.s. As you can see - my camera is working again!!!! It's a miracle and all thanks to advice passed on to me through Facebook and Twitter. Who said the internet was shit?!


  1. Good use of the word 'yonk'. I'm stealing that one.

  2. an editorial trick learned from Giles - just use any funny word and if it's got the right *sort* of sound it'll work in your context

  3. sounds delicious... although my rhubarb has started to flower and gone all stringy... this may be nice with raspberries... oh heck anything in pastry is good as far as i'm concerned... I assume you've seen the abuse your hubby is getting on The Guardian blog? I'm with him ... there are far too many people blog-reviewing restaurants anyway.. who needs it?
    I think they should try doing it like in the court. A quick pencil sketch of that roasted quail sir?

  4. I always assume that someone is abusing my husband on the Guardian blog, but I don't like to read it.

  5. I think the mashed up compote idea sounds good, maybe mixing the rhubarb with something else, like apple as well. The best of both types of pie then!
    It looks amazing though, glad to see your cameras working again.

  6. You, lady, are very funny AND a good cook! I shall be coming back to your blog to copy more recipes to flog off as my own!