Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bento Part 1

I'm not dead, I've just  been working very hard on a post about Bento Boxes. What happened was that I was in the middle of a peaceful reverie the other day when a text message came through from my sister, The Hamburgler.

It said: "On recipe rifle, can you come up with a series of yummy lunches that are either quick to make or can be made in large batches and i can take into work?  I'm eating ham sandwiches every day because mum doesn't understand how lunch at work is the only thing to look forward to all day and if it's shit it makes you want to cry."

And because I don't want my sister to cry. So I thought I'd investigate.

I was milling purposefully through Brent Cross shopping centre today, in search of a suitable bento box (really quite hard to find in a mainstream place like BC) and thinking about the contents when I got another text message.


My sister, you see, was born in 1988. She is a child of Sky Plus and Facebook and isn't inclined to wait long for things.

Anyway, I was very nice, which was unusual. I said that I was having to do some research.

Which I am.


  1. What a lovely blog you have. It's so well written and funny. Very probably far too childish for your little sister but have a look at Primarily for school children last time I looked (my daughter has one) but there may be something in there she can use.

  2. No that's a great website, thanks very much for taking the time to post it here.

    And thanks for saying such nice things, I really appreciate it.

    Come again soon xxxx

  3. Hi,
    Because I clearly need to be better read, although I'm currently reading your hubby's new book so I think that makes me well read enough, I had to look up Bento Box on google (I remember when I used to look things up in dictionaries and encyclopedias....maybe its google's fault that my brain is turning to mush!?!). I digress - I found this that you may already have seen - thought it might be of use.

    Only stumbled upon your blog a few months ago, and have since sent a link of it to most people I know, but may I thank you for your tips on dauphinoise potatoes, I had given up trying to make them cause they always ended up so bland but I'm planning on trying out your top tips soon. I know it's naff to say keep up the good work but please do! :)

  4. Surprisingly I picked up one of these in a Dunelm Mill for about a tenner.
    Does the job nicely, although only 2 main sections and doesn't leak

    Also new to your blog and rather loving it. How nice to find a serious fun but non-pompous foodie blog. I shall be hanging around I think.

  5. Hi Esther, I haven't tried too many of your recipes so far (but your pork belly dish was so good).....but you write really well and always make me laugh. My snort at the reminder of Clueless just made the cat raise a quizzical look in my direction. Keep up the great blog. Who knows maybe Murdoch will offer gazillions for it and you'll be able to give your sister a Pret account card.

  6. I'm with Florence. Come the f**k on Esther! These boxes have the potential to be (work) life changing!

  7. Hi Esther, I am enjoying your adventures in cookery, must be scary preparing meals for a professional critic. Re: Bento, there is a great blog
    I am in awe of what this woman makes for her daughter each day.

  8. I desperately love bento boxes. My coworkers, when I used to have a job, would find endlessly funny my obsession with containers and boxes for my lunch. I bought all my bento boxes in Vancouver (where I'm from), as it's Japanese student land so there are loads. But this site has a staggering collection:

    There's this woman's blog I read who does nothing but bento. Some of it is terrifying - shaped eggs and rice, and weird cartoon heads made of food:

    This one is more normal:

    Having so many picnics to go to is reawakening my bento obsession.

  9. Oh dear, this comments section now seems, in a nice way, to have turned in to "let's all send Recipe Rifle things we've googled" - but hey it's takes the drudgery out of googling for you! And you know its all sent with love! Who knew there were so many blogs about bento boxes (and to think up until yesterday I hadn't even heard of the pesky things).

    I think you should become the blogosphere expert on bentos, the Queen of bentos....the Bentley of bentos if you will (mwahahahah it was all leading up to that bad pun. Sorry. *blushes profusely at bad joke*) Ooh your sister could rate the boxes for you with some being voted off and the whole thing could be turned in to a reality show on Sky 1, we just have to shoe horn phone voting in somewhere and it's perfect.

    *wanders off to delete blogspot account so as not to be tempted to message Esther any more rubbish*

    PS - feel free to delete these inane ramblings, I won't take it personally, it might actually be helpful as I'm supposed to be writing a report not reading blogs.

  10. Oh - I'll definitely be following your foray into bento boxes!

    If you're interested in gyozas and the like, then I recommend Andrea Nguyen's book 'Asian dumplings'.