Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Summer drinking

I don't really talk about drinks here because I am the world's least sophisticated drinker. The cheaper the better. The only question I ask of alcohol is: can it burn holes through carpet? If so, pass it along. Quickly, now.

But with the summer - or this approximation of "summer" we have here - comes a new kind of drinking and the possibility of a sundowner, rather than just yopping the cork out of a £5.99 Merlot as the second hand flicks over to 6pm and sinking down at the kitchen table with some scraggy, dishwasher-cloudy wineglass (or just a ladle).

Anyway, raging through the larder yesterday for something that would constitute a cheerful drinky to a) celebrate the sunny evening and b) mask the worst effects of my headcold, I stumbled across a bottle of Martini Rosato, which is just like Martini Rosso (mmmmm) only made with pomegranate and lime.

It makes a very fetching summer drink just poured neat over a lot of ice with some lemon (or lime):

So this summer, if I ever get round to having people over, I'm going to dispense with Pimm's. All that chopping up fruit and dicking about with lemonade drives me nuts and I don't want to have to keep running back to the kitchen and hacking up orange ("Ouch ouch! My eye!") while I'm trying to have a nice time. My guests can have Martini Rosato and like it. Another decorative thing to do for a party - thanks to Rita Konig's Culinary Trickery - is to deploy prosecco in tumblers full of ice. It's a very refreshing drinky, even if it can't burn holes through carpet.

NB - apologies for over-staged photo. I just can't get over how nice other bloggers' pictures are so I'm trying to make an effort.


  1. Didn't know you wrote a blog - look forward to delving. I've become rather taken with campari and soda since trying Polpo's...good summer drink. Pimm's always drinkable but a pain in the arse to make and slips down quicker than a grannie in winter. Dangerous.

  2. Good to have you here James. Yes I am also a fan of Campari and Soda but it doesn't fit with the trampy alcoholic attitude I'm trying to cultivate it so I neatly forgot to mention it.

    I love your blog - what a creep I am!! - but it is very chic.

  3. pomegranate and lime - two things I love! A bottle of Martini Rosato will have to find its way into the shopping basket next time I'm out - thanks for the heads up.

  4. A (ahem, yes, perhaps slightly stagey) Roberts radio, with a pressed metal grill?! - we had one of those when I was a wee lad in England!! Ours was reddish brown, rather than your stylish black - scary when 'junk' from one's childhood become antiques...
    Hope it still works even if it doesn't pick up Capital Digital! ;-)

    and, with the always-leave-them-wanting-more wedding pics, where's one of the lurid pink dress?? or were you having too much fun by then to worry about taking photos for your public?

    your Australian Correspondent

  5. I have a few great summer cocktails for you -

    Sauvignon Blanc + edlerflower cordial and a bit of soda water is delicious.

    Also, gin, elderflower cordial, soda water, chopped cucumber, orange and lemon with lots of ice is my new favourite.

    And last but not least - prosseco, diet sprite and lots of summer fruits like raspberries for a skinny summer sangria is refreshing and not as many cals as all the other fruity, sugary junk.