Friday, 21 May 2010

Half-American pancakes for the weekend

I have deleted this post because I made these pancakes again this morning and realised that they are DISGUSTING. The perils of cooking with a cold.

The ham (below) really is nice, though - confirmed by Giles.


  1. have only recently stumbled across your brilliant blog - feeds my foodie obsession whilst I'm living with no oven and one electric hob in the sweltering heat of the tropics driven more often to drink than to cook! Love it!

  2. Hi Hen!

    You are in the tropics? Where? Or are you in a particularly sweltering part of London.

    Anyway, I'm really sorry about your oven, that's really shit. Our oven didn't work for about six months and so we fried everything. Shame!

    Come again.
    E xx

  3. E, I love your sense of self deprication... pancakes sound grim but I spent many years on the Atkins and tried every single recipe as an Atkins version... when I finally released myself from that evil I enjoyed life much better....

    By the way, in ref to my kitchen picture, do you think it's better that I'm in the picture like you're in yours or just my kitchen?

  4. I'm in deepest Mexico - the plus side of no oven is the amazing street food I manage to eat daily - I'm now a salsa addict!

  5. Amazing! I love Mexico - travelled all around there & to Guatemala and Belize about 10 years ago and it was very romantic.

  6. You have to be cautious with anything that is American. They will turn on you to attain their own ends. (Historically.)
    The pancakes obviously had their own agenda. Sorry they didn't turn out. Should I be on the lookout for some bisquick for you?