Friday, 14 May 2010

Better late than never

A visitor to this blog reminded me that I haven't posted those wedding photos that I promised. So here are one or two...

Me and the Hamburgler. She isn't actually as tall as that, she is wearing mega shoes. But even without them she's pretty tall.

All-important back view of the dress...

Cake! Obviously

I'd post more but then it would start to be like a spread in Hello! And also my teeth being in their ongoing state of mangling - by my damned handsome bastard dentist - look at the moment like a tankful of pirahnas. They are higgledy and piggledy. So frankly they're not really for public consumption.

I can stick some more shots of the food up though? But how interesting would that be really? I can't tell you how to make any of it because I don't know. Although I was thinking about getting the wedding cake recipe off Angela Hartnett because it was just amazing. A sort of banana carrotty cake thing. It made me slightly angry it was so delicious.


  1. You look stunning! And I get angry at food that's too delicious too. Particularly whilst I'm trying to lose weight. Sad face.

  2. Gorgeous dress. I especially love the back of it!

  3. I am a fan of your husband's columns in the Times, and now Recipe Rifle, too! It looks like a wonderful wedding, loved your dress and also Hambugler's and her hat, too! How did the Herve Leger turn out? Wishing you a happy marriage!!

  4. Hurrah! Thank you. My husband is a better writer than me but that's because he is OLD and has been doing it for at least 150 years. Maybe when I'm 1m years old too I will have a column in the Times.

    The Leger dress caused a massive stir. It was brilliant. xxx

  5. Can we just have one photo of you in the Leger dress, after all the build up... please! Looks like a fab wedding, you look ace.

  6. You've made me a bit angry by looking so stunning! Can't have enough photos - pink dress and food, come on. I don't care if we can't make it!

  7. The photographer didn't stay for the afterparty where the dress was deployed & I don't know if anyone's got a photo of it. And, further, to put it on now (1/2 a stone later) and take a photo feels weird. Well, not weird because plenty of blogs do it and do it fabulously, but I would somehow make it weird.

  8. You should take a pic of Flossie in it. And we are going to have to see the massive shoes.
    Oh hell, just invite us all around for the slide show of your holiday pics. We will all bring a dish and or popcorn and wine. I am free next week.

  9. Now, it's interesting you say that - I actually took the dress round to my mum's house to give to Flossie on semi-permanent loan and she has politely declined it, saying that it doesn't suit her. Considering the label (Flossie is nothing if not a narrow-eyed designer fiend) it must look REALLY bad.

    Ha! Giles is very shy and doesn't tend to go out by himself. But other than that, a capital idea.

  10. You and your sister look GORGEOUS! You must have two very proud parents. :-)

  11. Esther, I am really sorry to ask you this because it has nothing to do with food at all (even though I have made tons of recipes from your site and love your writing!). I have a feeling it would be more appropriate to ask this on Twitter but I don't have an account. I am newly-engaged and have been looking into getting a wedding dress and am slightly shell-shocked at how much they cost. I remember reading somewhere that you got your dress made - would you recommend the dressmaker?? It looks beautiful! I have an idea that might be a cheaper, saner way of getting a gorgeous dress, but think a recommendation is better than picking one at random!

    1. Hi Grace! Can you drop me an email at so we can discuss? E x