Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Still no food

Okay, so the volcano didn't eat my wedding after all. Airspace opened and there's been another flurry of emails and phone calls to confirm that, yes, they're all going to be there.

But I'm still not doing any cooking. So instead here are some pictures of Hatfield House, where I went this morning.


  1. Lovely day for a wander around a garden!

    Glad your wedding fears are subsiding; I got stuck in Croatia last week and only managed to get home by enduring a gruelling 36 (!) hour coach trip home. Bad as it was, I found solace knowing that at least I didn't have to worry about any major life events being ruined!

    After getting home safely and catching up on sleep, I had a day off yesterday to recuperate properly, which meant a whole day of shopping in markets and cooking a ridiculous amount of food. Feel human again now! I suggest you turn to the kitchen if wedding stresses are getting to you; it might be the comfort you need.

  2. Good thing those Aviators are not gold. We were going to have to have a talk...He doesn't look too happy about standing in the garden.
    Good luck this weekend. It will be a great time.

  3. Good luck for tomorrow. Saw your article in the Evening Standard. All I can say is that the people that comment on there are right cocks! All the best.x

  4. Thanks Cymru Girl! Yes, it's best not to read those online comment things - always just nasty and stupid xxxx

  5. have an amazing wedding day, you will look fab and the weather is going to be gorgeous. Love the blog, look forward to more when you return. Cheers to a happy, fulfilling, occaisionally fraught but mostly great marriage!

  6. I've discovered you blog just TODAY, YOUR WEDDING DAY!!!
    WOW!! Have fun and an amazing life together!!!
    Annamaria from Italy

  7. Hello you two Anons. Thank you for your lovely comments - the wedding was GREAT! I kind of fee like doing it all over again next Saturday xxxx