Thursday, 8 April 2010


I have got a TERRIBLE hangover. And it was totally by mistake. I went with The Pescetarian to Mr Kong in Lisle Street last night and after one bottle of Australian Chardonnay we didn't feel sufficiently ripped so we went to the Groucho and had about 3 cocktails apiece too many.

So I feel wretched and regretful and cannot possibly do any cooking for fear I may vomit.

But the sun is shining! So I took some pictures with my new Nikon D90. Excuse, please, the amateurishness and the ghastly cliche of ladybirds on leaves and all that jazz. I was just so pleased to be alive.

A hyacinth and some primroses

Local cat availing herself of the facilites

Ladybird on a petal!!

Local cat - camera shy

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