Monday, 26 April 2010

Ding dong ding dong

Okay so the plan was to get you a photo of me and Giles cutting the wedding cake. But the thing is that someone texted the photo to me and I can't work out how to get it off my phone (even though I've got all the appropriate cables) and onto this blog.

So no photos until the photographer - an upsettingly handsome young man called Roo - has deleted all the ones of me looking huge-toothed and red-faced and sent both useable photos to me. This is a shame as I bored you all to death so comprehensively with the wedding that I felt the very least I could do was to offer some kind of exclusive footage.

Anyway it all went very well. I told Giles that he was strictly not to use the word c*** or f*** in his speech, which meant he only used both words once.

Now, after a very, very tense half an hour looking for my passport, I'm going to pack for my honeymoon Greece, where the weather appears to be 16C and drizzling - but you can't have it all.

But before that, we are going for lunch at L'Artista, the pizza place under the Golders Green tube station railway bridge where Giles and I first met.

The carbs are back. Hooray!


  1. Congratulations! On Saturday I did briefly think (how does this information stick in my head?) 'recipe girl's wedding will be sunny!', so there you go. I hope it was amazing.

    Enjoy the carbo-moon, then come back and do some more cooking.

  2. Don't leave us hanging too long - dying to know what your dress looked like!
    Congrats and hope you and Mr Esther Walker have a great honeymoon.x

  3. Congratulations and enjoy your honeymoon! Please bring us back some grecian recipes. x

  4. Congratulations Mrs Coren! xxx

  5. How thoughtless of Giles to use words like 'carb' and 'food' in front of all those people.

    Enjoy the honeymoon - we need you back in the kitchen ...

  6. I rejected someone's perfectly nice comment by mistake but I can't remember whose... I think it might have been Duggers. Anyway I'm really sorry, what a spaz. xxx

  7. It wasn't me but I'll accept the apology anyway! I don't get them enough so I'll take them where I can get them. Hope you're enjoying your honeymoon xx