Monday, 8 March 2010

How not to make hot cross buns

So, here they are in all their burnt glory: my hot cross buns. Thanks a bunch, Delia.

Ok fine. It's not Delia's fault, it's my fault. I've got a fan oven and I always forget to adjust the temperature down by about 10-20C to prevent the oven setting fire to whatever it is I'm baking.

I also blithely igored her warning not to use easy-blend dried yeast, which I think may have contributed to the rather hard outer-shells of my buns. So nul points to moi.

Despite being burnt and rock-hard, these are mega-tasty. They take about 2 hours to make and if you've got any interest in trying them out, this is a very good recipe, flavour-wise. They really do taste just like hot cross buns.

You can find the recipe here:

Just remember to turn the temperature down a bit if you've got a fan oven...


  1. two things:
    First. Shame about the buns,but baking is SOOO not cooking. Too much like Science.
    Second. Nice new Header pic. Is the corkscrew always up there? How can you reach it?

  2. Totally. You are so right. I'm going to nail the little buggers, though... will not be defeated by BUNS.

    That corkscrew is deceptively high. I just stand on tippy toes to reach it. Lawd knows we can't afford to lose the corkscrew in our house.