Thursday, 18 March 2010

Cooking fatigue

Ok, I lied. I AM bored with writing this blog. Or, rather, I'm bored with cooking. Bored as hell. I think it might be because I had a couple of things go wrong and there's nothing more dispiriting than failure. I've simply lost my mojo.

I think this is might be what they call cooking fatigue, although it's more commonly experienced by working mothers of three than by lazy freelancers who can't be bothered to go to Waitrose. It's also maybe because of my diet. I rarely find exciting recipes that conform to my diet plans that aren't things you've heard about before: quinoa, broad bean salad, ceviche. Yawn.

Or what happens is that I decide to "make things up", which are almost always disgusting because while I'm an OK cook, I'm no kind of chef. Maybe this is it? Maybe this is the end of my cooking "journey"? Now I know that if I follow a recipe it'll probably turn out okay and I've conquered (mostly) my fear of mass catering all that's left is to sit about eating leftover roast chicken until I die.

But before I flake out completely I scoured Waitrose Food Illustrated and today's the table, which if you don't know is the Times' new food section thing and found some food that I can be almost bothered to slop downstairs and put my apron on for:

Barbequed squid
Roast pork with a muscovado crust
Lamb tagine

All that's missing are all the ingredients. Do they sell mojo at Waitrose?


  1. Its in the Waitrose "Essential" range. God thats a weak joke. Sorry. How about doing fish? Cooking fish scares the crap out of me.

  2. Is fish scary? I'm put off cooking fish because
    a) it stinks the house out
    b) most fo the fish I want to eat is an endangered species
    c) it has to be SO fresh to be nice that you might as well just save it for when you're in a restaurant

    Having said that I may well have a crack at that barbequed squid this weekend...

  3. Hi Esther,
    I'm having a lazy afternoon here so I'm taking a look back at all your old posts. Thank God you found your mojo (Was it in Waitrose?) & kept going with the cooking & blogging. I absolutely love your blog & get great inspiration from you for new recipes to try out.