Monday, 30 November 2009

The perfect snowflake biscuit cutter

Christmas biscuit enthusiasts will sympathise with my search for a good snowflake-shaped biscuit cutter. They just don't really exist. Or perhaps they just don't exist in John Lewis and Divertimenti, the only cookshops I go to. Oh, and Selfridges - none in there either. You can get half-arsed ones, or ginormous stars or Stars of David (I like Jews; I am marrying a Jew, but a star of David is not right for a Chrimbo biscuit) but nothing decorative. Nothing just right.

So you will join in with my rejoicing now I have discovered the perfect snowflake-shaped biscuit-cutter, made by Tala - a brand of cookware whose blue, white and red packaging you'd recognise if you saw it. Unfortunately, Tala only supply products, you can't buy directly from them, only in bulk. And for some reason the above cookware departments haven't seen fit to stock these particular cutters, only tree-shaped ones (too big) and Father Christmas-shaped ones (too ambiguous). So all you can do is go round cookware shops until you find one that has a clever bakeware buyer and stocks snowflake cutters.

For what it's worth, I finally tracked these down in a dimly-lit corner of Whole Foods in Kensington.


  1. Ha! I saw these in about July, also thought they were perfect (I don't often get as far as Divertimenti, so it's even worse than for you). So I bought them, but now I've lost them. Just when I need them. Hey ho

    What are you going to cut with yours?


  2. Oh those are lovely, I might have to go get some. Lakeland does a decent snowflake - but it looks a bit complicated. (

  3. Joanna - oh no! They must be in the house SOMEWHERE, surely? I'm going to cut out pretty much everything with those suckers - right now I am making a pork pie (yes, another one) and I am going to plonk a star shape on the top. Merry Christmas!

  4. This year's hot Christmas biscuit shape in my house is the flamingo - complete with edible glitter of course:
    Happy cooking!