Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Edible glitter


  1. "Who's she?" asks boyfriend walking past.

    "Look, edible glitter!" I reply in an attempt to distract him.

    "Do you know her? Why haven't I met her?"

    "See how it makes her biscuits all sparkly!"

    "What biscuits?"

    I've ordered the Jane Asher edible glitter and all I can say is it had better be as glittery as you promise or I may never get his attention back...

  2. Now, of course, I feel Christmas will be incomplete w/out glittery mince pies. *makes note to chk Jane Asher out STAT* LLGxx

  3. Check out Ebay for cheap edible glitter and also for snowflake cutters. If you're really into kitsch baking, it really is the place for all teh equipment!

  4. "Ooh, cakes!" says boyfriend, taking two.

    "Look, edible glitter!" I reply in an attempt to get his attention...

    I'll be honest, I'm not sure how much of his attention the edible glitter got in the midst of his more general fairy-cake-well-being-ness, but it made me happy.

  5. Boys, I find, don't really get the importance and wonder of edible glitter, unless they are two years old. But what's important is that YOU get it. If you email me a pick of your fairy cakes (if there are any left) I'll post it up x

  6. He took them to work and they're all gone! I'm more prepared for this happening now than when we first began communicating via the medium of cake. I once iced a whole batch of fairy cakes with letters to spell 'I love your c*ck' and he took the whole Tupperware box of them to work without opening it first. I understand he quickly ate the K and shuffled the rest. In lieu of my spangly cakes I offer The Caked Crusader

  7. I used to love these video posts! Especially this one about edible glitter at Christmas time. I've just bought some white and silver from a food market last week to use on the top of biscuits and cakes. Are you going to do any of more video or Christmas biscuitty posts this year?x