Saturday, 10 October 2009

The pork that wasn't

It pains me that the recipe that inspired this blog was by my favourite cook, Nigella Lawson. Love her as I do, she led me a merry dance with her 24-hour slow-cooked aromatic pork shoulder. (Nigella Bites, p. 211)

I did everything she told me to and the meat came out a bone-dry, tough chewy lump of sadness. What did I do wrong?


  1. Did you use a fan oven? The fan is the enemy of moisture.

  2. Hi Esther,
    I was planning to do a leg of pork, following that recipe,for a group of family & friends in a few weeks time. Did you ever figure out what went wrong or if it was just a totally crap recipe in the first place?

  3. Hi Fiona

    I think she just wants you to cook it for FAR too long. I'm not a technically good enough cook to recommend how long it ought to be cooked for - but Jamie Oliver has a recipe here

    I haven't tried it so can't say definitively that it works, but I have literally never done a JO recipe that didn't work, so I think you're in safe hands.